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Advent Calendar 2022

25 miniature products made up of jams, chutneys, liqueurs, condiments, creams, sauces, sweet and savory.


You can choose between 3 variants:

  • 25 miniature products packed in 25 paper bags: 130 CHF
  • 25 miniature products packed in 25 handmade paper boxes + container box: 170 CHF (to be ordered in advance)
  • 25 migon products without packaging (for those who already have the box from last year): 120 CHF

Advent Calendar 2022

PriceFrom 120,00 CHF
Out of Stock
  • Anyone who already has the box from last year can reuse it. Contact me to agree on the "filling". The price for you is 120 CHF.

    If you would like the container box + the 25 handmade inner boxes, please order it in time.

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