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Quince jam is also ready.
Here is some information on this fruit that is only found in autumn:
"The secret of quince is pectin which has important thickening, stabilizing, gelatinizing properties and not only manages to keep cholesterol levels in our blood under control, but also blood sugar, thus revealing itself to be a precious ally against cardiovascular diseases. .
Yet quinces, again thanks to pectin, represent a more than trusted friend of our digestive system: in fact, in this variety of apples we find malic acid, an element capable of promoting digestion, boasting important anti-inflammatory properties for the stomach and the intestine "

Quince - compote

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  • Soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert. Or blue cheeses such as Roquefort and fresh Gorgonzola. Even for cheeses made with goat's milk.

  • Questo frutto contiene numerose proprietà nutrizionali:

    è ricco di acqua

    ha poche calorie (26 Kcal ogni 100 grammi)

    contiene vitamine A, B1, B2 e C

    ha pochi grassi e proteine

    non mancano sali minerali, come calcio, magnesio, fosforo e potassio

    Per le sue proprietà la mela cotogna ha anche proprietà terapeutiche:toniche


    antinfiammatorieprotezione della mucosa intestinale


    prevenzione della disidratazione della cute

    contrasto all’invecchiamento cutaneo (e insorgenza di rughe)

    rimedio a mal di gola e tosse

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