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These sweet plums (or plums) quality "drop of gold" ☄ 🍑 have come a little way to get to my house: from Seseglio to Novazzano!

I have prepared an extra jam, which means that the amount of fruit used must be equal to or greater than 45 g per 100 g of finished product, in this case we find about 68 g of fruit per 100 g of finished product.

To make it a little more special and aromatic, I added some rum, ground cinnamon, and star anise. As a sweetener I used the cane employee.
Finally, some vegetable gelling agent (agar agar), as plums contain a lot of water.

The result is very pleasant for the palate 😋: sweet and aromatic, easily spreadable. 😃

Extra jam of plums (or plums) quality "drop of gold" from Seseglio

PriceFrom CHF6.00
  • "The quick way torecognize what it is is precisely the color:the yellow ones are plums, the purple ones are plums. Another differentiating factor can be the processing, if they are dry they will easily be called plums (even when it comes to plums), while fresh they will probably be called plums. "


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